How Does The CAVTECT System Protect Your Home?

CAVTECT is an irrigation system which applies a termiticide to an essential point of entry for termites - the cavity from the top of the footing to the top of the slab.

By applying the termiticide to the cavity eliminates the requirement to apply a chemical residue barrier to the outside soil that surrounds the perimeter of the building.

This is a major safety factor as occupants will not be exposed to chemical residues when gardening or playing around the house.

Future treatments will only require injection through the Safety Box. This does away with the need to drill unsightly holes through paving, concrete or tiles around the house.

Sand, Clip, Pipe and Nozzle in Cavity

This method achieves three main design purposes of the CAVTECT system.
  1. Safety to the occupants.

  2. Direct efficiency to control termites foraging at the main point of entry into the building.

  3. Longerresidual control of protectiorrtothe building bythetermiticide barrierbeing in a sheltered location without being disturbed.

Chemicals Used In CAVTECT
Irrigation Systems

Chemicals used are fully approved by the Australian Pesticides and Vetrinary Medicines Association and are listed for use in the Australian Standards Code 3660-1-2000.