CAVTECT Systems are purpose built reticulated, replenishable systems to provide safe, cost effective and reliable Termite Management programs.

With CAVTECT, building owners are guaranteed a quality product offering the following benefits:

  • No chemicals are sprayed around the perimeter of the house, therefore not causing any effects to people or animals when digging around the house in gardens.

  • Longer residual life by the termiticide being in a confined location in the cavity and not subject to disturbance.

  • No contamination of groundwater because of reduced amounts of chemicals being used on direct soil.

  • A rechargeable system which can provide protection against termites for the life of the house.

  • Due to the reduced amount of chemicals required, risks involving cartage of chemicals are reduced.

  • One simple quick and easy installation with a conveniently positioned injection point.

  • Chemicals used are low in toxicity and are currently approved for use in the pest control industry.

  • PVC water pipes are not affected by chemicals sprayed in the soil around the house.

  • Less risk of pollution in rivers and storm water with chemical confined to the cavity.

  • A termite control system which is safe for the whole family.

  • The CAVTECT system was designed with "The Environment in Mind"
Placement of medium
into cavity

Installed System