Q. How often is the home/building owner required to have the system inspected?
A. Inspections should take place once every year, whilst the re-injection of systems on average occurs every three years depending on systems and chemicals used.
Q. What happens if a section of the Cavtect System is accidentally damaged?
A. To maintain continuity, that section can either be replaced or repaired by the CAVTECT Installer.
Q. What happens if the home/building owner wishes to raise soil levels around the building?
A. The external ground level must always remain lower than the installed CAVTECT System. Check with your Cavtect Installer for other options.
Q. What happens if the licensed CAVTECT installer is no longer in business?
A. The home/building owner will be put into contact with other CAVTECT Installers in the territory. Once another CAVTECT Licensed Installer is selected to maintain the CAVTECT System, the installation details will be provided to them from CAVTECT records.
Q. What happens if only one section of the perimeter is disturbed during landscaping, construction or other means?
A. After the CAVTECT System is in the cavity, landscaping and gardens can abut the house and will not affect or disturb the system providing it is below system level. The treated area will not be disturbed.