Your New Home And Termites

When you build your new home, you will have many things to consider and choose - bricks, colours, tiles, taps, window styles etc., the list goes on and on.

However, all this will be to no avail if your new precious home and major investment is attacked and damaged by the ever marauding invader, the TERMITE 'or' WHITE ANT, all because you did not place too much importance on a termite protection system for your new home.

These insipid little creatures are among the oldest inhabitants on Earth and have survived because of their unique methods of survival - living underground.

The termites defence is only weakened by their need for food and have to surface to seek cellulose content mainly found in timbers, papers, even some insulation found around wiring etc.

Unfortunately, these food substance are found in nearly all buildings and it is usually there that termites will forage and surface in their desperate need for food to feed an average nest population of 2 million termites!

The damage caused to Australian homes every year runs into millions of dollars and it is estimated that at least one in every four homes are invaded by termites annually.

The CAVTECT Anti Termite System

As mentioned, the termites defence is vulnerable when they surface for food. It is at that point that the 'CAVTECT SYSTEM' is designed to stop termites from entering your new home and consequently preventing major damage from occurring.

The CAVTECT System has been developed with "The Environment in Mind" and to completely eliminate any exposure of chemicals to the occupants of the building.

The patented designed CAVTECT System has been fully tested and approved by the CSIRO appraisal division.

CAVTECT System - Spray