The CAVTECT system was designed for effective, easy and fast installation in mind. Below is the step by step installation guide to how the system is installed in your new home.

  • A medium is placed into the base of the cavity which the termiticide will be distributed into.

  • The CAVTECT Pipe is installed within the cavity of the structure which eventually carries and evenly distributes the termiticide to this target area.

  • The pipe is fitted with CAVTECT Jets which allow for an even distribution of the termiticide. They are held in place with a specially designed and manufactured clip which holds them in a fixed position.

  • Flashing is then installed above the system to prevent airborne residues from going above the system. At the injection point, there is a protective safety box which can only be opened by an Accredited CAVTECT Technician.

  • Injection of the system can take place at any time from when the roof and ceiling have been erected. This is done by a Licensed Pest Control Operator who is approved by CAVTECT Australia to inject the system.

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Tightening Clamps

Upright jet & Clip Prior To Turning Into Cavity

Installed System

Installed System

Flashing Covering System

Protective Safety Box